Copper jar KK9


Carpet Cushion TP10


Our antique collection consists of unique, antique treasures that Carola has collected with great care and attention to detail on her travels around the world., Carola is always exploring new places, from the Far East to Morocco and Greece, looking for unique pieces with a story to tell. We think that these extraordinary pieces are a perfect addition to the Hoffz collection. We love pieces with a story; that have already had a history. Under the influence of time and nature, the true beauty of these pieces has emerged. The antique collection comprises of a whole range of pieces: such as antique tables, wooden and stone jars, old utensils, copper vases, carpets, tapestries, etc. Each piece is unique and our collection changes regularly. In this section we show a variety of antique pieces that we have collected over time. This gives you a good idea of our exceptional collection of antiques. For even more inspiration we advise you to visit one of our dealers or our Hoffz Brandstore. Here you will find the most recent, unique pieces in their full glory. 


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